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Party-Appointed Expert Consulting Services for Brokers-Agents

When one of your insured Clients suffers significant damages, it’s crucial to assist them with a prompt practical support both in the immediate post-damage phases and thereafter for an efficient management of the claim. In this very delicate phase, in addition to your fundamental contribution it is important to offer your Clients a highly professional and specialized technical expert support and estimate that will be perceived by your Client as an extremely valuable add-on.

GARAperizie is the ideal resource to assist you in these delicate circumstances, because it’s able to support you in the above-said areas with great professionalism, allowing you to provide your Clients a quality service both with regard to property and third-party liability (TPL).

GARAperizie will offer you the competent consulting services of a highly qualified, expert team of engineers, accountants, lawyers and professors from the most authoritative Universities.

Furthermore, there are other good reasons to engage GARAperizie, as:

  1. GARAperizie is not a consultant for any Insurance Company and is therefore absolutely independent and protects the interests of the policy holder;
  2. GARAperizie has been engaged to manage and settle over 1,000 claims;
  3. GARAperizie is expert in surveys according to policy terms (with 2 technical experts or 3 technical experts in case of a “third report”), and in the evaluation of suffered damages;
  4. GARAperizie operates in close cooperation with your accounts and claims specialists to build the ideal team to support the policy holder.

GARAperizie has currently  ongoing partnerships with several major national and international Brokers.

GARAperizie is looking forward to meeting with you to define the best collaboration for Your Clients.

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