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Floods and flooding represent real conditions of natural disasters. They cause indeed extensive damages because they involve all the buildings in the area affected by a natural disaster.

In the event of damages caused by flooding, it is very important to immediately request the intervention of GARAperizie experts to get the insurance claim process properly started. GARAperizie also provides for initiating the required restoration and recovery operations in order to rescue the damaged properties and enable a faster recovery of the business.

The Technical Experts of GARAperizie are able to verify the correct amount of the suffered damages as a consequence of the disaster and to identify in case of flooding, the possible liability of local Authorities, including Municipalities, Provinces or Consortia, for a lack of/or poor maintenance of canals, ducts, etc.

GARAperizie identifies and evaluates all suffered damages, especially the hidden ones: in the event of floods or flooding, after drying, machinery and plants may suffer additional damages due to the abrasive action of the dried mud or rain water oxidation, and also the goods may be affected by dusts created by the dried muds.

In the event of damages due to flooding, there is often the issue “indirect damages”, that is loss of gross profit or contribution margin due to the partial or total production downtime occurred as a result of the disaster and the unavailability of machinery, equipment or areas. Also in this case GARAperizie is able to determine the extent of such damages in the interest of its Client.

Finally, the services offered by GARAperizie also include the preparation of a technical expert report to be submitted to the competent local Authorities to apply for regional or local financing.Salva



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