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GARAperizie offers technical expert consulting regarding insurance claims to INDIVIDUALS, COMPANIES and PUBLIC INSTITUTION that have suffered material damages to their own assets and/or production downtime.

GARAperizie performs the same activities as the loss adjusters of insurance companies, but for the benefit of the insured or whoever has suffered a damage caused by a third-party liability.

The right of appointing a technical expert is expressly provided in the insurance policy and the insured is therefore specifically entitled to do it.

“Party-Appointed Technical Expert Consulting” means assisting the Client in technical, management and bureaucratic issues from the moment damage occurs, due to accidental causes or third-party liability, until the recovery of production activities, with the purpose of obtaining the best refund possible for the Client.

GARAperizie handles the following types of consulting:

Party-appointed technical expert consulting activity is carried out in several stages:

  1. Indications to limit damages upon the occurrence of the event reported in the claim (rescue operations);
  2. Definition of urgent operations to be carried out by the party-appointed technical expert with the Expert appointed by the insurance company (physical inspection, sampling, etc.);
  3. Assistance and consulting in managing suppliers for the reconstruction and restoration of the damaged items;
  4. Classification of damage categories, including those hidden, indemnifiable under the policy;
  5. Assistance for the identification and preparation of all the necessary documents to demonstrate and claim all the suffered damages to the expert appointed by the insurance company;
  6. Definition of the best refund in favor of the Client, after negotiating with the Expert appointed by the Insurance Company.

GARAperizie operates exclusively for the benefit of INDIVIDUALS, COMPANIES AND PUBLIC INSTITUTION.

The fees for the services provided by GARAperizie are almost always contemplated in the insurance policies, in addition to compensation for damages, as generally provided in the clause “Experts’ Fees”.

GARAperizie is paid only after its own Client has actually received the refund or compensation from the Insurance Company.

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